For Children, Adolescents and Adults

 Skype and FaceTime sessions are  proving to be a popular choice for many people.  These online tools are readily available for free, and are easy to set up and use. This mode of accessing therapy has become popular for those patients who are bedridden or otherwise immobile. In addition, certain patients who experience severe depression or agoraphobic, may opt for this communication option in the first instance.

My 15 yr old son’s mental health started declining in June.  By October he could not stop throwing up and  was so anxious that he couldn’t eat. He lost a tremendous amount of weight. He couldn’t sleep or get up in the mornings. He couldn’t connect with friends. He had no energy. He was argumentative and his behaviour was extremely volatile.  He had no self belief and was trapped in spiralling negativity that led, on occasion to suicidal feelings.
Amy was recommended to us by a practitioner in London.  After the introductory email, we had a lengthy telephone consultation followed by a weekend at her house for treatment .  Despite the harrowing conditions that led us to her, we all immediately liked her and it was a great comfort that my son could hear her and understand her.  Her calm, practical approach during the weekend was re-assuring and we liked that her proposed management of the depression was not to simply throw pills at it but rather an instigation of a change of lifestyle, encompassing sleep, mindfulness, good eating and daily exercise.  The EMDR during the weekend seems to have addressed the negative beliefs and his outlook has become considerably more positive and rational.
Seven weeks on and our son is a completely different child.  Whilst he needs encouragement (stick and carrot variety) to do the daily mindfulness exercises, he has taken up boxing regularly and goes of his own volition.  He had never taken up anything before. He attends school every day, has started having a social life, eats breakfast willingly and has not been sick once.  His anxiety has abated significantly. His improvement has exceeded our wildest expectations.
— Parent of a 15 year old